Emobo and textnovel logosTextnovel and eMobo have partnered to launch an exciting new App in the Apple app store.  This app is powered exclusively by Textnovel and will deliver exciting new readership and writing opportunities to Textnovel members.  If your story is public, it will be available now on the App to a fast growing base of potential readers. 

What's even more awesome is that this App is the first one we know of that will allow you to also write and edit your stories straight from the App!  You can link your Textnovel account to the App and that will allow you to edit and add new chapters straight from the App itself.  You will also be able to comment on stories and view other comments made through the App.  Here is a summary of what you some awesome features you will find in the eMobo App:

  • Our Picks for You -- a new recommendation engine that will recommend new stories for you based on your reading history
  • Catalog organized by Genre, Featured Stories, Most Popular, Editor's Picks, New Stories
  • A Search Tool
  • My Library -- all the books you are reading on the App
  • Subscriptions -- all the books you are following on the App that are "In Progress"
  • My Stories* -- all the books you are writing on the App or on Textnovel 
  • Favorites* -- all the books you have voted for on Textnovel 

*These features are only available after you sign in to your Textnovel account using the App.

The App is now available via the iPhone App store.  For the first little while we are hoping that Textnovel members will be the primary users of the App and can download it, test it and send us any suggestions for improvement. Also, to make this launch as succesful as possible for Textnovel members and Textnovel, we encourage our members to give the App a high rating as this will help add new members to our community!  

Note that if for some reason you don't want to grow your reader base, you can make your story private and that will make it private in the app as well.


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