Editor's Picks Criteria

Process for Selecting Textnovel Editor's Picks

Every two weeks our editors review all new Premium Stories, then all new Featured Stories and all stories written by any Authors who became Featured Authors in the last two weeks.  If any of these stories deserve an Editor's Pick award, they get it. Premium Stories also get feedback if they aren't selected.

Then our editors review the list of new stories added in the last two weeks to identify those that may deserve further scrutiny, either because of substantial votes, visits or comments, or because of a particularly compelling description.

Criteria for Editor's Picks

To merit an Editor's Pick, a story must:

  • •   be free of major spelling or grammatical errors
  • •   be a good or great concept
  • •   have or show the beginning of having a compelling main character
  • •   have adequate conflict (internal and external) to drive reader interest
  • •   be a story that has the potential of being a semi-finalist or finalist in our contest, or of eventually being selected for publication.

If your story is more than two weeks old and hasn't been selected, consider upgrading it to a Premium Story or Featured Story, or upgrade your profile to Featured Author, in order to get the attention of our editors. There are thousands of stories on Textnovel and they can't review all of them!

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