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Pluto, Not in the US,
About Me
Hey! Finally jumping on the cellphone novel band wagon. I first heard of it after I watched Deep Love The Movie, which was way back in 2004. I honestly only watched it because of Keita Furuya of Lead. I'm not new to the scene of writing online though? I write, well used to write a lot of fanfiction. I haven't written anything big since 2010. I usually write fanfics with characters based on K-pop idols, and original characters. I've always been interested in writing, but I can never finish what I start. I think writing a CPN is best for me since.. the chapters are short and I can write it on my phone! Bare with me as i'm still learning how to properly write a CPN. Well, that's it for now~ KKEUT
Favorite Book(s):
grotesque, out, 1q84, 1984, love&misadventures, the fault in our stars, pieces of me, battle royale
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