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I am a writer, artist, and entrepreneur.  I knew I wanted to be a writer at the age of seven.  My second grade teacher gave us a workbook consisting of pictured story boards for which we were assigned to write a story.  I looked forward to the activity each week and my stories were always selected to be read before the class.  One day after class, I asked her, “What do they call people who write stories?”  She said, “Writers and when you write a book, they call you an author.”  I went home that day and told my mother, “I am going to be a writer when I grow up.”  Little did I know; I was already a writer.


In college, I had fun.  I discovered my voice as writer, poet, performance artist, party girl, and more.  I saw the infinite possibilities of writing and where it could take me creatively.  I discovered dormant talents I had for improvisation, spoken word poetry, acting, and songwriting.


Years later, after college, I was told, “Welcome to the real world. Get a job.”  In the “real” world, I worked as a teacher at a detention center for boys, banker in a casino, and a grant writer.  Living in the Big City of New Orleans, I started a business writing grants and business plans as well as a second personal development business (at the time) called Blue Lotus Living.  Then Hurricane Katrina happened and while stuck in a natural disaster on a rooftop of my townhome for days something broke inside of me.


After I was rescued along with my best friend and roommate at the time, something changed in me.  I decided the real world sucked.  It was then I pledged to use my gifts and talents.  Awakened to what really mattered in life, my best friend Roslyn and I re-established Blue Lotus Living as a company and community on the leading edge of the Visionary Consciousness Movement serving as a voice for Artists with a vision.   I have returned to my creative writing roots and although I’ve always been a writer and artist, I am now ready to be an author. is a great resource for me to introduce myself to the world.  Here’s my introduction:  Hi, my name is Carmellita Michelle Brown and I am going to pour my heart and soul into every story I tell you.

Oh my favorite quote as a writer? The quote that keeps me going...

"Fiction is not a reenactment of reality. It is an exaggeration of it."

                           --Terry McMillan Author of

          Mama, Waiting to Exhale, and Getting to Happy

Some practices I have learned to stick to as a writer:

1.  I should have some idea where the story is going but I don't have to know it all before I get there.

2.  Flawed characters are beautiful no matter how good they try to be.

3.  My antagonist must serve as an achilles heel; otherwise, I am torturing my protagonist. 

4. My daily reminder, "Before checking twitter, facebook, cruising the internet, or checking/answering email, I must WRITE FIRST!"  Status updates don't count.

5.  And most importantly, I always Let the Creative Spirit Move!

Favorite Author(s)
Bernice L. McFadden, Langston Hughes, Terry McMillan, Toni Morrison, John Steinbeck
Favorite Book(s):
This Bitter Earth, Sugar, Of Mice and Men, Indigo, Waiting to Exhale, The Moon and Six Pence
Stories on Textnovel by this Author
Hallowed Be Thy Name (The Mecca Series Book 1)   ROMANCE - FUTURISTIC
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Earth has a new heroine and nothing in the universe can stop her…not even “Them.” An Erotic Futuristic Romance with twists and turns through time. Hallowed Be Thy Name is the first book in the ...More
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