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Crystal Ward
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St. Clairsville, OH, USA
About Me

The first story I ever wrote was about farm animals. . .  I was eight.  Since then, I've written, had writer's block that lasted years, and started writing again.  I haven't gone to college for writing and never received any kind of formal training so I wouldn't call myself a "writer"; "Storyteller" is more like it.  I'm convinced that if she could, my cat, Princess, would have me locked up for how obsessed I have been with writing this story.  She's seen me laugh, cry, and recite the dialouge until the wee hours of the night.  If I ever do get them published, the final book will be dedicated to her. 

I began "Supernova" at the very end of December 2009.  I wrote the final chapters at the end of March 2010 when I visited the town it is set in, Jamaica, Vermont. I told two of my friends that had read "Supernova" chapter by chapter as I wrote them that I wouldn't start the sequel until I found an agent.  Yeah. . . That didn't happen. Not for lack of trying. . . I simply could not wait to get back to my Desmond and Evania. :)  The sequel, "Tsunami" was also finished in three months as well as the third installment, "Headwind."  The last chapter "Event Horizon" has recently been completely as well.

I hope you take the time to read the first installment of a book that has changed my life.  And I'm not just saying that. :)  Writing the words and falling in love with these characters has given me purpose and so much happiness. Passionate does not even begin to describe myself when it comes to these books. Okay, enough with the cheesy crap. :) Read it and love it. :)  Any feedback (good and bad) is more than welcome. I've got thick skin. :)

P.S. Please let me know if there are any misspellings or other whatnots. . .  Fresh eyes never hurt :)

Don't forget to check out my website,   It's still under construction, but coming along nicely :)  Be careful not to trip over any spoilers while you're there! ;)

Favorite Author(s)
Stephenie Meyer
Favorite Book(s):
The Twilight Saga
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