no, WA, USA
About Me
Born in Iowa at the age of nine months and five days I was pretty happy to lay around and dribble. Like a cat, life for me was good, my daily routine was eat, play, pooh and sleep. Not in that order of course but unlike the cat I could not wander outside and do whatever the cat did. It did not stop me from pulling his tale, which seemed to annoy him to no end. At that age I really didn't know why but it made a perfect handle. Around about two I was moved to Texas, hey it wasn't my idea but mom and dad tricked me and said we were going to grandma's. Needless to say I was a bit put out at finding no grandma to visit, but her and grandpa moved down there a couple years later so I got over it. Until I was almost 17 the Fort Worth area was my stomping grounds. When Google earth came out a few years ago I got curious one day and mapped out all the places I would ride my bike too. Hell if I could muster up that much energy now I could fly to the moon under my own power. We moved to Seattle area just before I turned 17 where I found a landscape of green and hills that had me feeling a bit claustrophobic. I froze to death for about four years or so until my body got the message and turned up the heat. Now I can be found happily playing in the snow in shorts and a T. Well that is when it actually snows. My passion is building stuff, cannons, remote control airplanes, robots, lasers, my house, my shop, my future electric car, brass and copper trees, jewelry and far more over the years than will fit here. One example of an odd off the wall thing I built was a rail gun. I watched this show that featured the workings and proposed use of said weapon for military purposes. I figured hell if the military can build one anyone can. So I went looking for information and settled on what is called a magnetic accelerator. Which is a fancy term for making something magnetic go really fast. Long story short I built my coils tracked down the right capacitors got hold of the wrong FET's found the right hall effect transistors and had a blast over the next few weeks making the frame and coils and wired it all up. The test pilot was a Hotwheel car with a magnet glued to it. I was excited, the driver of the car gave me an I don't know look, I charged the caps and tripped the switch. The car was gone. The track was about fifteen feet long with a coil every three inches. There was hissing sound and an alarming pop and the target fell on the floor. This should have been my queue to pay attention but I was curious so I went over to the target and marveled at the hole through it and the concrete block behind it. I had an oh crap moment when I spied the hole in the wall and had just thought to myself Mom is gonna kill me when a funny smell made me turn around. Every inch of the track was on fire now and the smoke was almost black. I had the whole bottom floor of our house as my room, which is good because there was cement under the carpet and it was easier to get the water hose in the window. I was right, Mom was not amused, I paid for the new padding, carpet, paint, wall repair, you get the picture. I figured out where I went wrong but have not been brave enough to try that again. Or would that fall under the heading of smart enough NOT to try again?
Favorite Author(s)
Nicolas Sparks, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett, Robert Jordan
Favorite Book(s):
All of them
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