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About Me
About Me: What can I say...I started writing when I was in 10th grade. 
Even though my spelling and grammar are horrible and always will be,
what I hope people grasp from my stories is a good storytelling feeling
that there is something there and worth looking further into.
Inspiration comes from my own imagination along with help from
anime and certain supernatural shows.

Favorite place to read: Reading Nook

I can't live without: Anime

If I could be any literary character, I would be: Oskar from Extremely
Loud and Incredibly Close

Cover Designs by:

Art Designs by:
Favorite Author(s)
Lynn Ewing
Favorite Book(s):
Daughters of the Moon
Stories on Textnovel by this Author
Degrassi: Unchained Melody [boyxboy]   FANFICTION
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Word Count (19474)
Smart guy Donovan Harris catches the lustful attention of bad boy Nick Catalano. Nick wants what he can’t have and forces himself onto Donovan. Things heat up when Nick’s antics makes Donovan hate ...More
Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins   FANFICTION
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Word Count (40368)
Between Char's Counterattack (UC0093) and Gundam F-91 (UC0123). It is the year UC0098, five years after the events of Char's Counterattack. The last Neo Zeon formation created yet another Titan team, ...More
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