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Lillie Spencer
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     I am a thirty something mom, aspiring author and wife, usually in that order.  All joking aside, I am truly blessed to have a wonderful husband and family who supports my writing.  I have been published in a non-fiction capacity as part of my pre-children career as a research wildlife biologist, however, it has been my dream to someday see my novel in print. 

     Manhunt, my first venture into that forum, has been honored with the Editor's Choice award on this site, and came in first place in the voting round of the Dorchester Next Best Celler contest, earning it a spot as a semi-finalist.  It was published May 1, 2012 with Tulipe Noire Press.




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DORCHESTER NEXT BEST CELLER SEMIFINALIST! EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD WINNER! Michael and Nikki shared a bond created by love, loss, and hardship. Michael's life was finally taking a turn for the ...More
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