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Sagittarius: Expansive, Exploring, Independent, Humorous, Honest I'm a young writer who writes under the pen name 'Micha'. I want my stories to fill people's hearts if they're feeling low, or maybe give them distraction, something helpful. I love romantic stories that turn's the character's view on life around, so that's what I write. I'll be writing a fantasy story soon, but for now I'll have more short termed planned love stories before I get into a really long fantasy story, that I've planned for awhile. "1000 Degrees Away" is my story so far, please read it! I plan to update it regularly. I get inspiration for story ideas when I stay up late at night; Sometimes I'm really thankful to have insomnia! Thank-you very much for reading my work. Have a nice day~
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**EDITORS CHOICE 2013** *~SPECIAL CHAPTER UPDATE~* Newest Update: 3/14/13 CH: 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 ::Updated Frequently:: Hikaru Sato is only ...More
Alice in the Land of Time Machines   CELL PHONE NOVEL
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Every one of your actions drops a stone in a pond of eternity. Like all choices, they ripple and effect your life forever, even distorting someone else's line of ripples. But when it hits the shore, ...More
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