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Manhattan , NY, USA
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toy geisha (Lola Batling) is a literary rockstar. Stepping out of the zine scene to tell spy stories, stories of girls who ride subways. Some even tinker together great steam powered machines. Lola is a surrealist writer and chronicler of fictions. She wants to be a girl after Dali's heart. Armed with love in her heart and art dripping from her fingers.

She rides an electric steed.

She grew up wondering who her dad was, having many wonderful imaginary dads. She had one fabulous real one who couldn't adopt her. She has many imaginary lovers as well. She lives in a shoebox dollhouse with 12 other dolls ,and a pretty little girl, a black pug and the greatest ringmaster of all time.
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Agent9 Rides Again   CELL PHONE NOVEL
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She's on a mission to save the UN members from certain destruction. But, it's taco day in the cafeteria, will the world ever be safe? Maybe when Agent9 finishes lunch! ...More
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