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Hi there, Taka-san! Here I am to write my first comment about Espresso Love! Great story so far... I'm fascinated by both Naoki and Shizuka... this novel reflects your love and passion for George Orwell and many others! I love the dystopian genre, you can create your own "wrong" world most based on the harsh reality surrounding us... I got to the 14th chapter! I wonder what happens now? Time to read! Thank you for being such an amazing author Taka-san! Looove, Wiegenlied X3
By: Wiegenlied on Mon, 05 January 2015 04:40:35
@writerings Thanks so much! It encourages me to hear that you read it in one go :D How long did it take you? Glad you enjoyed the journey within. Lol, sorry if I gave you a headache. I tend to give myself headaches LOL! Definitely my greatest accomplishment yet, so I'm happy you came aboard the journey
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Mon, 18 August 2014 13:38:46
Takatsu! You never fail to impress me. I read all of this in on sitting (I meant to read it apologies.) and just now finished. I have to say that I can see influence from Murakami in your writing, and that just makes this story even better. It's nice to be able to really feel like you're "with" the character, with their perspective really melding into your own. This story really has an inclusive vibe. I really regret taking so long to get to this, but I couldn't resist reading it all in one sitting. Honestly, reading it in one go was unplanned (and I currently have a headache) but well worth it.
By: writerings on Sun, 17 August 2014 19:17:00
Thank you so much for your insight @ghosty. That truly means a lot especially from a writer I respect and who has been around for a long time. Thank you for reading. I'm glad my intention came through. Thanks!
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Sun, 17 August 2014 00:05:31
Outstanding Takatsu. This story is a manual on how deep internal thoughts for a character can go. Listening to this character's inner commentary is like a seven course meal full of spice and illumination. I love it when writers go to where you have gone in "Espresso Love" So often a story is edited to make it move forward missing out on important images and messages. The moment by moment thoughts that a character is experiencing and feeling is what matters. One does not listen to a classical piece to get to it's ending. No. It is the ride, the moment by moment that a character is reflecting on. This novel is beautiful. A great piece Takatsu. I'd say this novel is sharpening up, a genuine Masamune among stories. I love it.

By: ghosty  ghosty is a Textnovel supporter  on Sun, 10 August 2014 14:18:49
Love the story~! <3 Please release the sequel soon! ^O^
Saku~ ^w^
By: SakunaS  SakunaS is a Textnovel supporter  on Fri, 08 August 2014 12:25:45

By: fabrication on Fri, 25 July 2014 20:29:39
@Nora Thank you so muchhh! It means a lot to hear your thoughts :) I do hope to blow minds so I'm glad it did that LOL Don't worry, it's not over yet... it's not at 160,000 words yet, that's the total length *spoilers* XD
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Mon, 16 June 2014 12:14:02
Loved the Book. waiting for the next chapter.I hope it doesn't end with his death...:(
The story is intriguing and mind blowing. The story keep your mind occupied...and keep a grip. System is everything...the quotes and the conversations between Shizuka and Naoki By: Nim on Mon, 16 June 2014 03:02:58
I am sure you are well aware that I love Espresso Love-and I look forward to each and every chapter that continues to release. Shizuka's drink got quite popular-I get to drinking it every week. XD

Anyways-I like how you write, you describe everything so well-and it's quite easy to get absorbed in reading Espresso Love, seriously. As for the flaws, uh, I so far didn't catch any. :3 Continue to update, please~!
By: Ayane Nanami on Thu, 06 March 2014 11:52:56
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