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^-^ yes, yes he was.
By: Anna Luna on Thu, 03 March 2016 22:26:03
Well, although people may say Seth is a madman of such. Vincent was-well an "animal"
By: Why the World is Round on Thu, 03 March 2016 19:02:36
:-D Update please. :-D
By: HellMachine on Wed, 04 March 2015 16:31:38
Yeah, reading it again, brings up: “Chains of love got a hold on me, when passion is a prison, you can't break free. Whoooa, you're a loaded gun, oh there's nowhere to run, no one can save me, the damage is done! Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, you give love a bad name, I play my part, and you play your game, you give love a bad name!“ and so on. Thats from Bon Jovi's: “You give love a bad name“ song. :-D

with respect

By: HellMachine on Sun, 08 February 2015 11:49:00
Just read it again. Great story. About the comment I posted twice, well it was an accident.

With respect

By: HellMachine on Sat, 07 February 2015 16:55:46
I like this story! You have my vote.
I'll stick around to read the new chapters. :-)
By: HellMachine on Thu, 05 February 2015 15:25:03
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