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Your adjectives are quick but helpful to gain an image of the scene! Keep it up I look forward to more!
By: Why the World is Round on Tue, 16 February 2016 19:38:09
When you say that, it just reminds me about how much the writing style has changed since the beginning... To the point where I feel like the impression the first few chapters give is a complete lie(lol).
Well, writing like this feels more comfortable with me and as long as you and other fans are enjoying it, it's all good~ ^^
By: Rice on Fri, 04 September 2015 01:08:33
I love your simple, clean, minimalist narrative style. It's such a joy to read. I'm a fan already ^^
By: Chatfic on Thu, 03 September 2015 15:43:38
Well, it's a pretty insignificant scene that most people probably won't remember 50 chapters later, so don't worry about it too much.
Note for everyone: Just keep comments about chapters events in chapter comments. Makes sense.
By: Rice on Sun, 16 August 2015 06:07:33
Oh, I'm sorry guys! I'll be more cautious next time I comment!
By: Wiegenlied on Sun, 16 August 2015 04:42:17
@Wiegenlied Spoiler alert! >.<
By: Kisaki on Tue, 11 August 2015 14:05:58
Just a thought, but wouldn't that kind of comment belong in the chapter comment section? Well, it doesn't really matter either way.
By: Rice on Tue, 11 August 2015 05:54:31
Mmm... what could that mean? Latte going out and Tear following him in pajamas... must be something important! Could it be referred to new customers??? I hope so!!!
By: Wiegenlied on Mon, 10 August 2015 13:19:40
Thank you for your kind words~ My goal is at least one chapter a day, so you can expect at least that much. ^^ (Unless reality becomes a pain of course......)
By: Rice on Tue, 04 August 2015 03:40:22
Ehhh?! So it DOES exist?! Well then, I claim I was ignorant about it, so thank you for your explanation :D

Anyway, I like this story even more... so many characters, many funny episodes... thank you for creating this light story :D please, update :D
By: Wiegenlied on Mon, 03 August 2015 10:45:15
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