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Thank you ^^ Thanks for choosing this as Editor's Pick. In many ways I feel that this is a much more organized, complete and solid piece than Secondhand Memories xD
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Tue, 02 April 2013 12:40:52
Congrats, I've just started reading this and it's so perfect.
By: NIKO  NIKO is a Textnovel supporter  on Tue, 02 April 2013 00:18:53
Congratulations! This story has been selected as an Editor's Pick on Textnovel. We pick these stories based on writing quality, originality and publishing potential. Plus we think your story is an example of the type of story that has a shot at a prize and possible publication.
But you're not done yet:
--Keep up the writing and editing and make sure to keep publishing new chapters and perfecting the existing ones while you're getting this extra attention.
--Now's the time to increase visitors and votes; make sure to blog about the fact that your story is an Editor's Pick and use the Invite tool from the My Library page to invite your friends to visit Textnovel, read your story and become a fan and vote for your story. This will move you up in the rankings and increase the chance that you'll get noticed and have a shot at winning the grand prize.
We make new Editor's Picks every two weeks so don't wait too long to get your story in front of as many people as possible. Editorial Team
By: Textnovel Team  Textnovel Team is a Textnovel supporter  on Mon, 01 April 2013 23:30:57
LOL. Thanks! But I'm sure the world won't end soon... the world does love me after all ;)hehe. :p
By: Kycha on Wed, 27 February 2013 10:28:50
@Kycha: haha, glad you like it. Good luck with school and hope that the world doesnt end on you ;) loooll
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Tue, 26 February 2013 19:14:34
Reading the first few chapters I could really relate to this! I'm in the second year of highschool but I'm already thinking about all of this... and it reminds me of my last year in Anyways, I love this and I'll keep on reading! (^w^)/
By: Kycha on Tue, 26 February 2013 18:16:49
Thanks for all your encouraging comments! It's amazing to see that this project actually is inspiring people with so few chapters. I have a heart for this story but I must finish Secondhand Memories asap. Hope to get on this soon! Thank you for your patience with me and stay tuned for future updates.
By: TAKATSU  TAKATSU is a Textnovel supporter  on Wed, 02 March 2011 00:47:08
Is it stupid to say with just the first five chapters I already feel like crying? Well that's how it made me feel. Keep going, can't wait to read more.
By: Piko Yagami on Tue, 01 March 2011 17:17:32
this is my fav one from all of your stories! so you better get on with it XDD
By: Athena Ramos on Sat, 19 February 2011 22:03:25
I felt really tense as i read this, i easily sunk in. Its a pity i have to wait a little more.
By: legomaestro on Fri, 03 September 2010 08:36:58
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