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This story was truly creative and wonderful. I could not stop reading until I was finished, and now I wish there was more. The story reminds me of Jesus. The author of this story definitely deserves an award. Now, someone should make a movie out of Secret Speakers!
By: AvidReader on Mon, 06 July 2009 08:42:23
Long winded. Lot's of text but no point. This is exactly what a text novel should not be.
By: AiEnSen on Mon, 27 April 2009 22:03:53
It’s obvious you’re writing for the CS Lewis (and possibly Tolkien) niche
(both respectable niches and audiences to want to work with or around). I feel you’re building a neat world but there are spots where you use world-specific terms without context clues and the pace is slow to build at the beginning. Good students might give reading this a try, but it risks not capturing the very important demographic of hesitant readers. I like the way you hinted at certain things in the story’s beginning, but parts of the story feel a bit removed or emotionally distant. I’d be wary of your very first sentence, the use of “hoomins” (a popular lolcat term that unfortunately may stop some readers from easily assigning sentience to your main race) and the name “Selador” from Tolkien’s quote about “cellar door” (which is a cute reference/link here, but worrisome in the regards to Tolkien’s estate and hardcore fans). The format you used for pasting your book here is visually heavy. Having been a Sunday School teacher for 8 years and a fan of Lewis’, I found aspects of the story a bit preachy (remember that there are many readers that are not of a Judeo-Christian background) and unfortunately predictable. You are certainly capable of crafting a fine story, you just need to tighten it and do some editing (as we all do ;-). Consider your target audience and your goals for your book and writing. If you want to make this mainly an obvious moral and ethical tale (and story of God’s love for all through the sacrifice of his son—btw, people who read as linguists tend to will see your hint at the Savior even more blatantly—thereby lessening the pay-off of his actual appearance) then you may need to market specifically to evangelicals and grow your target audience from there. All in all, a good story. I hope my notes are helpful, they are only my POV as a writer and editor--always remember your story is your own to tell, and please take all constructive criticism as such. I wish you great success. :-)
By: ShannonReinbold-Gee on Fri, 09 January 2009 13:58:13
An amazing journey into a story better than that of Harry Potter or Twilight! My favorite book now! Karey has a way to make you feel like you are living the story. When she tells of the Secret Speakers and how they are in your throat to "record" stories or eras, I almost felt my throat to feel if there was a little bump there... =)
By: Dawn on Sun, 04 January 2009 21:32:54
I've been reading "Secret Speakers and the Search for Selador's Gate" and find it gaining momentum the more I get into it. I think the characters are wonderful and the story line inventive and compelling. The poetic language is beautiful and I am sure that this is a book that can be read on many levels making it interesting not only for Young Adults but for older ones as well. Good luck to a wonderful author!
By: Shirley on Wed, 31 December 2008 12:03:50
One word: Bravo! This is magnificent! When I see this one hit the "big screen", I shall say I was there from the start. This one definitely has my vote. Cheers to a great start! (I would wish you luck but It doesn't look like you need it! Congrats!!!)
By: THEKID on Wed, 31 December 2008 01:34:09
WOW...awesome...I dig it! This is very well written! I must say that I love the content as much as I love the cover of the book. It sparked my interested and drew me in right from the very beginning. It's intriguing...mysterious...detailed! I felt captivated as I read. Great job! Keep it coming, you are a very talented lady!
By: toothfairy on Wed, 31 December 2008 01:21:50
Great read! Can't wait for more!
By: El_Bucho on Wed, 31 December 2008 00:45:02
I'm on page 40 of the book and really like it so far. The prolouge of the book was a little long, I like to get right into the excitement! but I knew it would start to pick up. I'm just wondering about the sheep. If the Hoomin where so hungery why didn't they eat the sheep? I am a fast reader and sometimes miss things. Can't wait to read more. I agree with CW!! Let's review the book and not make lame comments directed at the person who has spent a lot of time I'm sure writting this book. Just like everyone else who has a book posted on this site, they are trying to spred the word out to get people interested in reading their book. It's an American Dream. Keep it real people.
By: HUN on Tue, 30 December 2008 15:17:13
Great story-very original! Best of luck!
By: rainingwolf on Tue, 30 December 2008 09:05:07
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