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very intiguing concept;well written, I think I might be hooked!
By: Fable Grant  Fable Grant is a Textnovel supporter  on Fri, 07 October 2011 16:22:39
very good
By: J.P. Grider  J.P. Grider is a Textnovel supporter  on Mon, 01 August 2011 15:32:42
Omg, you have struck gold. Keep going on this pace/flow/tension and this will be nothing short of the next best seller.

By: S.N. Parish  S.N. Parish is a Textnovel supporter  on Mon, 11 July 2011 12:57:14
By: Amber Dane  Amber Dane is a Textnovel supporter  on Sun, 03 July 2011 13:42:42
By: kathleen ball  kathleen ball is a Textnovel supporter  on Sun, 03 July 2011 09:39:35
By: sellery  sellery is a Textnovel supporter  on Sat, 02 July 2011 19:56:27
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We make new Editor's Picks every two weeks so don't wait too long to get your story in front of as many people as possible. Editorial Team

By: Textnovel Team  Textnovel Team is a Textnovel supporter  on Sat, 02 July 2011 15:18:36
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