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Wow! This is so good! I love demonic stories! Especially if that Demon is Sebastian <3
By: Kycha on Thu, 14 March 2013 09:01:46
Thank you guys for all the nice comments :D
It really makes me happy (x
By: jaylenedawn  jaylenedawn is a Textnovel supporter  on Sun, 23 October 2011 12:47:16
Black Butler is one of my favorites. I like it.
By: Seiten kaze on Sat, 17 September 2011 12:41:28
wow! Black was my favorite anime....

nice story............:)
By: Nora Knowing on Tue, 06 September 2011 10:39:03
Congrats on your Editor's Choice Award! :-)
By: Jessica Musso  Jessica Musso is a Textnovel supporter  on Wed, 24 August 2011 19:51:34
Oh my... I know this story... it seems Kuroshitsuji manga. I love it so much until the last season anime also XD

Keep going!
By: D.A. Umi on Fri, 19 August 2011 07:36:33
i love the victorian england setting,it adds a gothic feel to your work.well done!
By: christopher shaw on Thu, 18 August 2011 07:36:06
@Christopher shaw , sellery ;
Thank you you two ! Also thank you for supporting me (:
Please continue to look forward to updates!
@taylorchan ;
Lol, Thank you very much xD I will be sure to update often (:
I'm just an amateur writer, I'm not amazing yet. All I'm doing
is sharing my fantasies with everyone, Lol. Again, thank you and look forward towards updates!(:
By: jaylenedawn  jaylenedawn is a Textnovel supporter  on Wed, 17 August 2011 15:28:47
OMFG!! I'm one of Karen's friends and this is the best!!! So good! Keep making more! and I'll read them all so suspenseful!! Please hurry or I'll die of suspense! P.S your an amazing writer no wonder you got editors choice! :D
By: taylorchan on Wed, 17 August 2011 12:07:38
By: sellery  sellery is a Textnovel supporter  on Wed, 17 August 2011 11:23:48
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