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Chapter 1:- The boy
I live with pain. scorns fill and paint my days with black and white, with shades of colorless grey.

Ever since I could remember... maybe even since I was born, I have been treated as a demon child. I received punishment every time I did something, and even after the hitting, no one showed kindness.

they scowl, continue to scowl, then walk away.

eventually, my days were spent in a dark room with my wrist chained to the ceiling. nothing here to break, and nothing to hurt me.

I thought nothing would hurt me, but people still came in.

and they still hit me. all I did was look at them, and they raise their fists. their bats, sticks, hammers, knives.

I never died.

I don't remember how long I've gone through this, or how many days have passed since being moved to this dark room.

but I know it has been a very long time.

people who beat me up developed wrinkles, then when they no longer came to hit me, new faces come and bludgeon me even worse.

At times, they would run a wooden stake through my chest, and leave after looking sick, leaving me to die overnight.

yet, I never did die.

the first two times left me shocked, but the stake would come out on its own overnight. In the time it took to come out, though, my chest was thumping hard and red water from my body flowed non-stop.

I felt so cold that I couldn't sleep. and once the stake was out, I would immediately lose consciousness.

tired after the third time they tried this, I began opting to pull the stake out immediately after it was hammered in.

the pain was unbearable, so I stopped doing that after a few times, but in comparison to spending a whole night waiting for the stake to eject itself out of my body, I'd rather take care of it myself.

My cries must have scared them off, because every time they hammer the stake in me, they don't come back. its always new faces after that.

Soon, I no longer understood the feeling of pain. I was so used to being bludgened, to being filled with knives...

and then, I lost my tongue.
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 Next Last 
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