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Chapter 1:- Chapter 1
​“A normal boring day with a normal boring girl” that’s what Akio Abe thought as she woke up with her feet on the bed and her head on the floor. Akio looked around her room. There were boxes stacked at a corner the boxes have been there for what was about to be a month. She moved to this house not so long ago. Although her her room was with boxes it looked rather neat and organized. Akio had thought of opening those boxes but
stopped herself with a thought in mind, \"If I open these boxes it would take ages to finish.\" She would always back down.
Akio quickly got up and started getting ready for her new year as a highschool student at S High School at the famous city of Kyoto. She rushed into the restroom and got her hair and teeth done before she put on her uniform which was pretty easy for her. She straighten her hair with the brush and let her bangs cover her eyes.
She quickly went to her closet to look for her uniform there she saw her middle school sailor black and white uniform where she catched a breathe. Her face were as if she were about to cry. Her eyes were watery then she pulled her sleeve from her universal pj and cleared her cleared her eyes out.The Aiko found her new uniform and said,” I hope this is real and that I am keeping the promise. Watch me strive!” After she changed into her navy blazer which had the school badge on her right side upper pocket, underneath she carried her white shirt and navy skirt. Of course she hated the skirt. She looked at the mirror but she nearly cared how she looked. Her black wavy hair which reached her waist and her hazel eyes hiding behind her bangs. She tried to hide them from everyone outside her family. She had nothing other very uncommon she was skinny with the height of 160cm.
She hurried down stair and said good morning to her mother who had dark eyes with brown hair and her 11 years old twin brother and sister, Hikaru the only son and Hina. Both twins have blonde tips with black hair, their eyes are the same as the mothers which are hard to not notice but once you see them directly it’s hard to lie. She hurried out the house quickly grabbing her bag since her siblings wouldn’t start school until the next day.
She rushed out and ran towards the train station where she was about to trip over a boy . The boy carried a white V-shaped shirt with green and black at the collar of the shirt with a green blazer which was opened and gray pants. His blazer had the badge of K high school a couple of miles further from S High School. He carried long hair with a long side bang. Akio quickly apologize. With not a second to waste Akio hurried on the train the boy followed. Of course Akio thought his school is the same direction as mine.
Then the boy introduced himself suddenly. “ My name is Mikami Minato, first year high school student at K High School. May I ask your name?” Akio suddenly surprised of course you would not be able to tell with her expressionless face, Akio then said,”Abe Akio. Same year at S High School.” Minato then reacted quite kindly,”Abe-chan I think I have heard of you. Are you new here?” Akio replied, “ Yes, I’m from Tokyo up until a month ago I went to N Junior High.” “That’s where they called you the expressionless tiger, just because you showed no expressions and you were the center of attention although you hated it\" Minato said. He took a break then said,”Right?” “How do you know?!” said Akio. “ I attended the same junior high for a month and came back here I was in class 2-3.” “Please don’t tell anyone about that!” Akio begged. Then the train stopped and next thing Akio knew she was at her stop. She walked out and went up the stairs.
A block before Akio was at her school she took out her glasses. Not to look cool but to not attract too much attention. She got to school and checked her class. She started heading to the entrance ceremony. Next to her was a girl who There she found out her class was 1-1 or as many people called it class A for first years (A-1). Akio headed to the entrance ceremony. She stayed in the middle end where you can leave almost unnoticed.
Before the assembly started a girl, whose hair was blonde and curled which was obviously made with a curling iron and dark brown eyes, was kind enough to introduce herself. She said,”My name is Fujimori Yuki. I hope we can be friends!” She didn’t leave Akio much time to talk so Akio said,”Abe Akio. Class 1-1. And sure and don’t see why not.” Yuki then asked a pretty good question out of curiosity,”Why don’t you smile ever since you entered the main gate I kept an eye on you but you don’t seem to have smiled once or even show any other emotion.\" Akio stayed quiet for a moment. Then she responded,”I been like that since I was little.” Yuki was speechless then she said, “ I’m sorry that I asked.” Akio wrote took out a piece​ there she held her email and phone number. She handed it to Yuki. Yuki\'s face said she was delighted.
Then Yuki remembered she has not mentioned her class,\" By the way I\'m in class 1-2. Next door to you!\" She had such a great smile on her face. Then she continued,\" Maybe we can spend breaks and lunch together!?\" She carried a face in which it, itself asked a yes or yes question. \"Of course I\'ll love to\" said Akio. Akio stared at Yuki wishing she could show emotion so easily.
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