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Chapter 115:- Pieces
He wasn't going to school any more lately.
Even though, his uncle from Osaka would pay for his expenses
and visit from time to time, he would work almost all day,
trying to "stand on his own two feet".

Every time in class, I would glance at his seat
and my heart would ache, an empty hole
that had been suddenly ripped open.
What seemed like memories of a life time,
running through my mind.
Memories of a distant childhood,
when things had been simpler.

I was in shock that so many things could happen so shortly.
One moment, we were so happy, everything was so perfect.
And the next, the world was crumbling apart.

Worse, it seemed like we had become completely different people.

I wanted to go back in time.
I wanted the old Shin back.
I wanted the old me back.

I was so scared.

Was life like this?
Was it like this, when we graduated?
Things falling apart bit by bit?

I shook the thoughts out of my head.
I had to be stronger.
If Shin was in pain,
I need to help him.
Chapters: First Prev 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 Next Last 
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