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Chapter 116:- Pieces
"Oh Maho..." He mumbled as I hugged him from behind.

"I miss you."

I started staying back at my house again
and it was difficult to see him every day.
We would always talk on the phone at night,
sometimes it would just be silence,
other times, we would try to sound cheery,
but all of that, just wasn't the same.

I would cry myself to sleep,
missing his arms around me,
thinking about Shin and Aya
suffering silently alone.

He sighed softly in reply when he found me on his doorstep one day
and turned around, placing a kiss on my forehead.

"I wish I could travel back in time.
So I can give you a happy future."

"I am happy being with you, Shin."

"I," He looked away. "am just bad luck."

"No..." I shook my head over and over.

Don't say such things.
Shin, please don't ever say such things.
Chapters: First Prev 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 Next Last 
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