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Chapter 117:- Beauty in the Broken
We left Aya at my house with my parents
and our neighbor who also had a young son,
around the same age as Aya.

My parents told us to get a change of scenery and some fresh air.

So I made Shin wait,
and went off to peer in my bedroom mirror.

I was shocked at how tired I looked,
dark eyebags and pale cheeks.
People would often compliment on my white skin,
but this was not a healthy white.
Even my hair seemed dry and was losing their brown.
Leaving it hanging over my shoulders,
emphasized how dry it looked.
I was usually worrying about my weight,
but I thought I looked too thin for once.

Was I getting old? Unhealthy?
Perhaps past few weeks had taken more of a toil on me that I thought.

I sighed and tucked my hair in a ponytail,
putting on extra make up
and picked out a bright yellow summer dress
hoping it would hide my fatigue.

No matter what, I had to be stronger.
Not just for Shin and Aya but for myself as well.

Perhaps fresh air would help.
Chapters: First Prev 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 Next Last 
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