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Chapter 141:- Comfort
"I'll miss you."

Before I climbed aboard the shinkansen train,
he hugged me tightly for a long time,
our bodies a little sweaty from the summer heat,
moist eyes from tears or humidity I did not know.

Outside the window,
he watched me find my seat and stare longingly back at him,
his hands in his pocket, solemnly smiling until we began to speed off,
and he became a lonely speck in the distance.

My heart ached as we left,
separated by a piece of tinted windowpane
and increasing miles of a dark tunnel and layers of concrete,
rising up between us like tidal waves.

Even though it was only for a week,
I had a feeling it would feel long without him.
So many things had been going on,
I didn't feel strong enough to be without him.

Despite my reluctancy, both my friends and Shin had told me to go.

Would he and Aya be alright?
Would I be alright?

I felt like I had left behind home.
A piece of myself.
Chapters: First Prev 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 Next Last 
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