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Chapter 148:- Distance
That evening, we were released,
animals to the wild;
we had free time to roam the streets.

The sun had set,
above the vibrant colored lights of signs and storefronts,
was violet left behind in the sky,
reminding me of the hilltop, above sakura blossoms,
with Shin by my side, holding his camera delicately.

We decided to stop for supper at a famous okonomiyaki restaurant.

Osaka was known for okonomiyaki, its round salty pancakes,
just like a painting, splattered and stuffed
with marinated meat and vegetables of choice,
coated with sauces, an artistry of heavy flavours,
pan grilled in front of us in the middle of the table,
where the heat rose to smoke our faces.

Despite the summer heat,
it was hard to resist trying the okonomiyaki here.

Afterwards, a cold drink,
soothed our souls.
Chapters: First Prev 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 Next Last 
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