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Chapter 15:- Sakura
He handed the remaining books to me and patted my head.

"You're always doing that."

All I saw was a grin as he led the way down the hall,
now getting quiet as students left or retreated to classrooms for club activities.

"You know, if you're having any trouble handling the workload from the student council, let me know. I can help you."

"Oh no, it's fine! I can handle it. I'm not doing much anyway."

I could barely speak as I tried to control my pulse.

"Neither am I." He laughed and fell into step beside me.

I tried to escape his gaze and sighed as I looked out the windows.

The sun was lazily dipping,
orange glow dancing on our skin,
a world awash with a monochromatic palette.

Sometimes, each moment has its own beauty no matter how monotonous life was.

"Hey, we're here." He grabbed my arm.

Chapters: First Prev 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Next Last 
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