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Chapter 157:- Sleepwalking
It seemed like we had walked on forever.
My legs were getting sore and my feet hurt.
It was one in the morning by now
and after short bouts of quieter housing,
we had even reached Dotonbori,
a famous flamboyant street
running along a canal that boasted
some of the most savoured Osaka
cuisine, bars, karaoke booths and restaurants.

A waving mechanical crab, glicoman, and other spectacles were to be seen.
Nevertheless, it was nightlife and tourist business as usual for most.

I suggested we find a place to sit down to rest before making the trip back.
So we found a bright takoyaki specialty shop,
and were welcomed by friendly smiling staff.

"Irasshaimase!" said the boy in a black and red apron.

"For two, please."

He beamed at me and took us up a flight of stairs
past a second level that was packed like sardines
with young people chattering noisily,
before indicating two bar stools
beside an extra high round table.

Being surrounded by lights and crowds,
surely made me feel a little less alone.

*takoyaki - Japanese snack made of a sphere of batter and ingredients like diced octopus, tempura, green onion, dipped in sauce.
*Irasshaimase - Welcome (to a store/business)
Chapters: First Prev 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 Next Last 
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