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Chapter 159:- Sleepwalking
It was past one thirty and I was so tired
the comfort of the futon was beckoning.

In the mirror, I realized we had left with just tshirts and shorts on,
my feet only wearing slippers from the inn.
I looked tired but calm;
even my hair was straight and untouched,
despite my churning thoughts and the empty feeling inside.
In the deep of the night, even those feelings seemed muted,

I felt so numb and lost.
Like everything was moving in slow motion.

Alone in the dark.

For the first time,
I wanted to go back home,
back to school,
back to my family,
back into Shin's arms.
No matter what happened,
no matter how many more troubled nights there would be,
no matter how many arguments there would be,
no matter how many earthquakes, protests and deaths,
I would go through it all.
I just wanted to be back home.

I felt the aching pain
stretch through my chest,
and I watched the tears
stream down my cheeks,
silently and unrestrained.
Chapters: First Prev 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 Next Last 
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