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Chapter 173:- Satoru
There was silence again
and he just crouched next to me.
Unmoving. He was just looking at the ground.
Not even looking at me.
The mess I was.

"Miss, I won't hurt you..."

"But please, let's go back inside first."

He offered a hand, when he saw an understanding in my eyes.

I couldn't stay here.
Nothing happened.
Nothing ended up happening.
I should be relieved perhaps.

I nodded slowly and got to my trembling feet.
But my legs had no strength,
like standing on water,
sinking into the depths
of a bottomless sea.

I fell again,
into his arms.

This person. Could I trust him?

"Please... help me."

I finally managed.
Chapters: First Prev 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 Next Last 
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