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Chapter 174:- Satoru
"I'm Kousaka Satoru."

He tried to give me a reassuring smile,
as he carefully set down a cup of hot tea
and a pack of wet towels in front of me,
just far enough so I could reach for it if I wanted.

"Itami.. Maho."

He had taken me into the staff room,
an office cluttered with things,
paperwork, jackets and bags.
But both of us knew I couldn't sit
in the crowd of customers now.

The store manager was outraged
that someone could have done something like that here,
and wanted to call the police,
but Satoru asked him not to yet for my sake.

Two ten in the morning.

Misaki had disappeared long ago.
She was likely looking for me.
Satoru offered to call her.

When Misaki picked up,
she let out a huge yelp,
as Satoru explained part of what happened.
Chapters: First Prev 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 Next Last 
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