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Chapter 188:- Changing Tides
"I still can't believe this is real."

"And that it has been two months already."

"How is this even possible."

We dumped the contents of a tin can,
sliced open by our dull knife
into a pot, now stained and dusty.

There was no hot water, other than boiling it by fire.
There was barely enough drinking water to begin with.
How could we manage to wash the dishes properly?

We could only use paper towels and cloths soaked with a little water.

That was the same way we had to wash ourselves.

I missed Tokyo. The brightly lit bedroom that I once called my own.
Little stuffed creatures, multicoloured sitting around my bed,
that I had collected since I was little..

My dad would give me one on my birthday every year.
Even if it was in addition to any other gifts.

The hot water and the smell of shampoo and soap.
The comfort of my soft mattress and thick quilts.

The memories of those seemed so fuzzy and far away.
As if I had never experienced it.
As if I had imagined it all.

Those things that we had taken for granted.
Things that we were so used to every day, we never gave a second thought about it.
It was necessary every day, for survival, hadn't it been?

Yet, the cold autumn wind embraced my shoulders,
exposed from the down jacket I clutched tightly around me.

And I shivered.
Chapters: First Prev 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 Next Last 
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