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Chapter 189:- Changing Tides
We had bunkered down in a bombed out bungalow
on the outskirts of the city,
a week and a half ago,
near a town hall and community centre.
Most taller buildings had been blown to shreds.

I had been relieved when the class returned to the inn early that day.
Because of the reports of "declared war" and the "launch of an aggressive offensive".
I had grabbed Misaki and Risa and told them we couldn't get separated.
If it weren't for being with them,
I might not have kept my sanity,
I would joke from time to time.
They were the only ones who still reminded me of who I was perhaps.
Or of the world we used to live in.

When missiles were launched from North Korea,
we were intending to return to Tokyo early.
But, there had been an enormous influx of travellers
all scrambling to return home or find a safer place.
We might have returned home that day, if it had happened a little later.

But at the end of the day,
when we had finally abandoned
the idea of getting on the train again,
suddenly everything stopped.


The world we had known.

Suddenly, disappeared.
Chapters: First Prev 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 Next Last 
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