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Chapter 190:- Changing Tides
They said it was an electro magnetic pulse.
Everything that did not have protection from EMP waves,
- which was most of the nation -
was completely shut down.


Everything had been so reliant on electricity.

It meant the end for so much of what we knew.

It meant the end of the lives of many.

The lights all around, went dark,
like an enormous shadow had crept over the land,
there was not a single source of light left at that time.

Night was complete.

Our first instinct was to take out our cell phones for light.

But even my phone.
It was dark.

I would never receive any messages again.
Shin would never be able to call my number again.

At that moment,
I knew we were in trouble.

When the every day constant for us,
that would never be turned off,
suddenly disappeared from our lives.
Chapters: First Prev 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 Next Last 
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