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Chapter 197:- Darkness
Beyond the actual war, the worst part
were the screams of people... in agony, in tears.
The mournful wail of those who lost people around them.
The high pitched cries of babies and children who were abandoned.

The panic and terror. Death. Everywhere.
There were dead bodies, all over.
Anyone, everyone, could die.
Whoever they were, they became a number.
A faceless form of flesh and bone,
naked and mangled, with no connection to the next person.

So many bodies, we tripped over them everywhere we went.
So many I would never forget the stench of burning flesh,
rotting corpses and copper tinge of blood.

Even if they weren't dead,
there were people severely injured
and tried to grab on to our feet or hands.
Pleading for their life.

The faces of people, dead or alive,
open mouths of agony, wide open eyes of fear,
broken skin, bloodied and charred faces.
They were burned into our minds day after day.
Chapters: First Prev 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 Next Last 
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