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Chapter 201:- Darkness
Only Misaki, Risa, Hiroto and I remained together.
I wonder what happened to Airu, Sorata, Kana, Makoto, Taneda-sensei...
Sometimes wondering if they were alive somewhere,
would bring tears and our hearts grew cold.
Satoru from the takoyaki restaurant,
when we snuck out the first night in Osaka,
stumbled into us one fateful day, still clutching his injured dog.

For many nights, we would cry together until we could shed no more tears.
On other days, there would be no feeling whatsoever.
Numb to the heat of a burning building,
or the sounds of planes and bombs overhead.

How could humankind be so cruel?
How could humankind be so fragile?

In seconds, an entire country wiped out.

Why did it have to happen to us?
Why did it have to happen to Japan?

This was the terror of humankind now.
The technology we possessed to destroy the earth,
many many times over,
merciless destruction.
Chapters: First Prev 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 Next Last 
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