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Chapter 204:- Darkness
There was the thunderous roar of a monster.
Or perhaps the roar of a god.
It was a thousand voices, all the voices of the dead, screaming.
It was the mighty wind and the cracking of the earth.
The rumbling of waves and the footsteps of a marching army.

We ran outside because we never heard anything like it before.

And there in the distance,
was something so bright,
it was pure white light,
blowing the sky into a myriad of colors.

It was a gigantic orb,
climbing up and up,
the size of a mountain,
larger than Mt. Fuji.

Then we saw the clouds billowing from its center,
gaining darkness as it went up.
Black. Black. Black.
And it covered the sun.

A long time after,
there was a great wind,
rushing from the mountain of darkness,
and it shook the houses like thin paper,
and knocked things flat to the ground.
Chapters: First Prev 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 Next Last 
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