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Chapter 208:- A Light in the Dark
We picked our way over rubble from the beige four story apartment complex next door. Most of it became a wall of rocks that hid our little house well. Since the apartment's floors had fallen through, no one could stay in the building. A few times, we wandered into the building and tried to sort through the debris but a piece of the ceiling crumbled and narrowly missed Hiroto. Misaki started crying at that moment, as if she had kept it bottled up the whole time.

Even if we had to give up on the apartment, I would frequently wonder what kind of people lived in the apartment before. A family of four with a small dog? A young newly wed couple? Overseas students renting a unit? Maybe a high school shut in with a protective mother? Or a widowed ojiisan? There was all kinds of possibilities, each with their own stories to tell. Yet where had these people gone? Were they still alive? We never got to meet them, but all the same, I would wonder and receive no answers.

*ojiisan - grandfather, senior man, old man
Chapters: First Prev 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 Next Last 
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