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Chapter 25:- Sakura
We left our bicycle at the entrance,
And made our way towards the archways
Made of pinks and whites of blossoms.
The trees lined the paths in Ueno Park,
So dense they were all you could see.
Especially when the petals would fall,
The ground beneath became a mirror of the canopies above.
Tourists often filled this place during Sakura season.

But it was getting really dark now,
The pinks mixed with deep purple hues
And the street lamps came on,
Little orange glows like fireflies,
Floating in a sea of shadows.

Walking beside him was nerve wracking.
I couldn't say a word. Sakura blossoms were romantic especially at night.
I really needed to find Misaki.

"I'm going to call Misaki."

"Okay." He was quiet. Maybe he's tired from cycling so fast.

"Misaki! We're here! Where are you?"
Chapters: First Prev 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Next Last 
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