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Chapter 30:- Sakura
My heart stopped and I turned away to hide my flustered face.

Snap. There was the sound of the camera.

"Geez!" I covered my face.

He laughed seeming to be oblivious and snapped a few more shots.

"This is harassment!" I blushed.

"It's photography!"

"I never agreed to being in your pictures!"

I had no idea when I started laughing too.

"The trees never agreed either! I'm just capturing the world around me."

He grinned. "Just kidding."

"Do you want to have a go with the camera?"


He handed it to me any way.

"Oh it's heavy."

The weight of the camera was a surprise to me.
I had never held a full DSLR before.

I pointed it at him and took a picture.

"Hey, I didn't agree to being in that picture!"

He retorted but smiled.

His smile was so bright.

"You've never used one before?"


"Well," He came closer.

I shifted a little as somehow his face was right beside mine.

I could feel our shoulders touching.

Too close! I would've said something if I could open my mouth.

"Here, you adjust the exposure..." He pointed at something on the camera just above my thumb.

But I was too busy squirming in my shoes.

Shin Arakawa. I couldn't help but fall just a little deeper.
Chapters: First Prev 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Next Last 
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