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Chapter 31:- Spring Wind
"Did he kiss you?"

"EHH? WHAT are you talking about?"
I squeaked, half winded, half in horror.

The next day, Misaki was questioning me.

"You're totally blushing. Come on! He totally likes you!"

"No way!"
My cheeks must have been flaming red again.
No matter what, I could never keep my composure.

"Nothing happened! He just took some pictures and stuff."

"Oh pictures, of you?" She giggled and pushed me lightly.

"Sheesh. Besides, are you saying you set me up?"

Misaki laughed. "Of course, idiot."

"Oh my gosh! You!" I couldn't believe my ears. "You made it so awkward!"

"The first step to love, is awkwardness, young woman."
She said a matter-of-factly with a lecturing finger in the air.

The weekend crowds parted before us like the Red Sea.
Most likely due to large easel Misak was carrying
and her outrageous outfit. Hip hop she said.
We were on our way to pick up supplies for our art project.
Our school allowed for a major, and it happened that Misaki and I enjoyed art.
Chapters: First Prev 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Next Last 
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