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Chapter 63:- Gathering Clouds
We were in Harajuku now,
picking our path through
swarms of young people
milling through Takeshita-dori,
of all fashions, of all hair color.
Some were wearing uniforms.
Whether they were skipping like us
or they didn't have class,
I couldn't tell.

One of the most famous streets of Japan,
was Takeshita-dori.
Well known for its outrageous fashion and appeal towards teenagers.

Every girl wanted to be here, or Omotesando nearby.

I was no exception and felt my spirits rise.

"I can walk fine now."

He smiled. "Taking a break does wonders."

I felt his hand reach for mine and I let our fingers intertwine,
warmth spreading from my fingertips, filling my heart and body.

I hoped Shin felt the same way.
Chapters: First Prev 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 Next Last 
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