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Chapter 66:- Gathering Clouds
There was commotion ahead.
Someone shouting loudly and people pushing.
Shin pulled me to the side as we got closer.

"What's going on?" I peered out from behind his back.

There was an old man,
tattered dress shirt,
that looked more like rags,
in the middle of the street,
waving something - a wooden sign.
The police were there already,
trying to drag him off the street.

On the sign I could see something about the world.

We moved a little closer.
Many were just walking by ignoring the commotion,
some were standing around, watching or just waiting for something else.

"It's coming!" The old man shouted.

"Repent before it's too late!"

He seemed insane.

"The end of the world is drawing near!"

"Mister, please. Come with us!"
The police were trying to hold him down.

"There will be earthquakes and floods!"

"There will be war and rumours of war!"

"Repent!" He said again.
Chapters: First Prev 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 Next Last 
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