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Chapter 69:- Gathering Clouds
"There's something we need to do."

He seemed to breathe out,
a weight on his shoulders
a little lighter.

He smiled at me.

"Which do you like?"

We were in an accessories shop
and he was pointing at the display case.
Rings everywhere, different sizes, different designs,
different colors and materials.

"They're cheap, just 1000 yen.
Perfect for cute couples like you!
Please pick out which you'd like and place it on this tray."
Said the shopkeeper.

I promptly blushed without fail.

"You're trying to propose to me?"

Shin joked and patted my head.
"It's a collar, for my pet.
So everyone knows you're mine."

"Do you get one for every girl you were with?" I blurted.

He looked hurt for a moment.

"Don't think that of me."
His expression looked dark.
"You're the first one."

I smiled and tried to believe him.

There was too much I didn't know.
Chapters: First Prev 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 Next Last 
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