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Chapter 71:- Family
Sports Day was just around the corner,
keeping all of the students exhausted
from endless days of drills
as if we were all in boot camp.

Even clubs were cancelled for the last week of practices.

My mother tried to
pack more bottles of water
in my tiny school bag
and I ended up carrying an extra bag.
In addition to the extra water,
I started making lunch boxes for Shin.

I made sure they always had the most colorful ingredients.

I loved colors.
And Shin loved little things that "demonstrated the beauty of the world".

The first time I presented one to him on our rooftop spot,
he seemed so overjoyed, tears came to his eyes.
Despite his calm, mature facade, I realized he was trying to hold back his true emotions.

When I asked if it was the first time,
he mentioned something about his mother
but I didn't quite understand at the time.

Then he hugged me and thanked me.
I had smiled wholeheartedly.

I promised myself I would slowly get to know him better.
It was inevitable, wasn't it?
Chapters: First Prev 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 Next Last 
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