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Chapter 83:- Family
He sat at his desk,
while I ended up sitting on his bed,
trying to make my school skirt longer to cover my legs,
heart racing being in such close proximity
to him and his daily life.

"Thanks, Itami."


"Aya seems happy."

"Oh." I smiled. "She's really cute."

"You're really cute."

I flushed an awkward pink again.


He tossed me something
and came over and sat beside me.
I caught it on my lap.
It was a picture frame.

In the picture was four people.
Shin in a middle school uniform, toddler Aya,
an older man in a suit, which I assumed was his father
and... Shin's mother.

Her face carried such warmth and sincerity,
even through a picture, I could sense her beauty,
not only from her smiling eyes and delicate features,
but her beauty as a person as well.

"My mom."

"She passed away two and a half years ago."
Chapters: First Prev 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 Next Last 
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