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Chapter 1:- Client #1
I hate waiting.
It reminds me of the fact that I am sitting alone at a table for two.
Alone. Waiting.

Around me I can hear people whisper to each other.
Brief words and phrases catch my ear and slip out just as quickly.
But one phrase seems to resonate throughout the room.
“It’s a Reaper.” A man whispers.
I ignore him.

They must see my uniform.
The white button-up shirt and slim black slacks I wear.
I also fancy wearing a black tie on occasions.
This is not such an occasion.

I tap the table impatiently.
My client is late, stupid ass.
I raise my hand to order another coffee.
Everyone flinches and I cannot help but chuckle to myself.

My coffee comes and so does my client.
He bursts through the door, splattering the table with his cold sweat.
He looks wildly around the room and then sits down.
“Are you it?” He says.
I nod and hold out my hand.

My client is a businessman.
He has a sleek, custom suit, a pair of polished shoes and a briefcase in his hand.
He looked like he was twenty years old.
But who knows anymore?

He puts the briefcase in my grip and I open it.
License, background checks, applications, Identification.
I sign each paper with a pen.
I don’t care about the ID though.

“You can do it right?” He says excitedly.
I nod. Stupid ass.
“Is there anything else I need?” He says childishly.
I shake my head.
“Oh man I can’t wait!” He shouts, smiling.
I stare at him for a moment.

“Close your eyes.” I say.
He does.
I wait. I hate waiting.

I take my gun out from my pocket.
I cock it and suddenly everyone in the surrounding tables starts to move away.
I take my gun out from my pocket.
And shoot my client in the face.
Chapters:  1 2 3 Next Last 
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