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Chapter 1:- Prologue -Memories Part 1
Chiba Emi (13 years old) - Part 1

I sat in a pool of blood surrounding my mother.
My one and only blood kin...
My only salvation...

From the moment I had memories, my mother had been sleeping peacefully in a laboratory.
They told me that she got some kind of illness and nothing is free in this world...
So I have to work for them in order for them to cure my mother.

They put me to undergo hellish training when I turned 5.
Be it physical or mentally.
Martial Arts, Hand to hand combat, Stealth, Guns, Assassinations.
Everything were taught to me and a group of children of the same age.
Yes, I'm not alone.. There are nine others who are in the same sitution as me.
But when the training finished, there were only seven of us left including myself.
Four of them were boys and three were girls.
Because we are the only survival left after the harsh training.
They name us 'The Seven Sins'

Boys;                            Girls
Envy    Sugimoto        Wrath       Emi
Pride    Naoki              Lust          Nanako
Greed  Yanagi            Gluttony   Kumiko
Sloth    Takeshi
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 Next Last 
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