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Chapter 1:- Prologue
The town square in the small town was bustling with life. Many girls were laughing amongst themselves, teen boys were cycling around the town and parents were looking at their children with loving eyes. However there was one person who stood out from the rest; a young girl. Huge tears fell from her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, soaking the material of her orange dress. Despite her wails of remorse, no one would listen nor help the 5 year old girl.

"Mama! P-Papa!" The girl cried, but no one stopped to help her. She didn't dare move, fearing that she would get lost in the maze people. In fear that a strange man would come and sweep her away and into a car like in the movies, she ran away from the busy plaza in hopes of finding a place to calm down. Going as far as her small legs could take her, she dodged everyone and made sure as to not go near the large men in the streets.

'Right,left, right,left'. She repeated to herself over and over again in an attempt to stop herself from stumbling. Her chants seemed to keep her going as she ran even faster without falling. Feeling the ache in her legs increase, she stopped to put her hands in her knees and catch her breath.

'1...2...3...4' on the fifth she gained back her composure and began to take her steps forward but someone stopped her.

"Alles goed met je!?" Slowly -but surely- she lifted her head up to gaze upon the being in front of her.
It was a boy around her age. His blonde hair and light, autumn brown eyes enchanted her. But what were the words he spoke?

"P-Pardon?" The girl straightened up as the boy blinked his eyes at her, almost as if he understood her.

"Oh, are you not from here then?" She shook her head from side to side. The blonde only gave her a sheepish smile, stepping closer to her in an attempt to make her feel a bit more comfortable. "Are you lost?" He asked her. Pink was soon dusted on her cheeks, showing her embarrassment. Looking away, she managed to stutter out a reply.

"N-No!" Giving him a look, she then looked away again. "And I'm not meant to talk to strangers!" Her hands bunched up the of her dress as she huffed at the boy. He thought for a moment, tapping his index finger on his chin before grinning at his idea. Feeling a spark of confidence, he put out his right hand. The girl let out a 'huh?', blinking her eyes at the boy's much larger hand.

"What are you...?" The boy grabbed her tiny hand in his larger one before giving it a jolly shake.

"I'm Lars Vermeulen!" He inched closer to the girl. "And you are?" He asked, desperate to know. She was hesitant at first, but smiled back at him as she shook his hand slightly. "Now that we know each other's names, we're not strangers anymore; so you can talk to me!" Lucretia nodded enthusiastically, a grin spread across her face. However that soon turned ini a frown as her stomach let out a loud roar of hunger. An awkward silence became present as the two 5 year olds stated frozen to the spot. Whilst Lucretia's skin was practically on fire due to the heat and embarrassment, Lars was trying not to laugh for his father had told him that he should behave like the perfect gentleman; but for some reason Lucretia had that effect on him.

"Ahahahahahahahahaha!!!" She immediately went red and placed her arms on her now howling stomach. After wiping away the tears from his eyes, he noticed the frown on the brunettes lips. A wave of guilt suddenly rushed through him and the urge to make her smile came pouring in. Very quickly he grabbed the girl's hand and dragged her into the shop behind the two. The you girl couldn't help but stare in awe at the shop.

It was a rather large café, half of the room was used to display the many treats behind the glass whereas the other half was full of occupied chairs and tables. Lars had led Lucretia through the mass of people and up the spiral staircase. In the midst of their journey, Lucretia popped up a question rather nervously.

"Um Lars......." The boy turned stopped once he reached the top and turned to her with an eyebrow raised.


"Are you sure we're aloud in here? I'm pretty sure that this is the staff's house or something....." The girl trailed off, gazing at her surroundings. Lars only smiled.
"Oh I'm pretty sure that we're aloud up here Lucretia. I wouldn't worry." Her eyes widened in shock at his confidence.

"But Lars!" Heavy footsteps were soon made present as their sound got louder as they drew closer to the main room. On instinct, Lucretia immediately hid behind the taller boy.

"Lucretia? Are you OK?" lars was about to say mire however a jolly laugh interrupted him.

"Ben je hier Lars?" The boy instantly replied.

"Ik ben in de grote zoal!" The footsteps stopped much ti Lucretia's relief, but at that moment a rather large man stepped into the room. His gaze immediately went to Lucretia.

"En wie zou dit konnen zijn?" The man inquired. The boy immediately grinned and stepped sideward to show the large man who this girl was.
"Dit is Lucretia; vit Engeland." The man smiled.

"Heeft ze geen Nederlands spreken?" Lars shook his head. The large man steadily made his way toward his guest and knelt down her height in an attempt to make himself seem less threatening. "Good evening Lucretia." He paused, raising his hand up for her to shake. In an attempt to make her more comfortable he gave her a warm smile. "I'm Lars's father, Davide Vermeulen; but you may call me Davide or Mr.Vermeulen if you'd like." What shocked Lucretia the most was how well he spoke English; his English was perfect and his accent was hidden well unlike Lars. Lucretia observed the man more thoroughly whilst Lars stared at the two in amusement.

Mr.Vermeulen had to be over 6 feet tall, his legs made up most of his body and his small rounded stomach showed his love for food. His eyes were blue and his hair was tucked under his chef's hat, his stubble was visible and his large hands were lightly dusted with flour. Lucretia was hesitant at first, his appearance made her think of a bad guy, but one smile from Lars gave her the push she needed. Bringing her hand up, she grabbed the tops of his fingers in an attempt to shake his hand.

"I-It's nice to meet you; I'm Lucretia." The man gave her hand a gentle shake before jumping up into his feet. A smile was creeping into his lips once he heard the roar of Lucretia's stomach. The girl turned bright red, but the man only laughed and grinned in delight.

"Come now, lets get you two something to eat." And with that the 3 of them made their way outside and into the bakery. The staff (mainly the female staff) found the scene cute and served the two whenever they could.
The tine went by fast and soon enough the sun was setting. Lucretia was with Lars at the front of the café, the boy was laughing at Lucretia's attempt at speaking Dutch.

"Shut up!!" The exclaimed extremely embarrassed, but the boy continued to laugh. Davide soon came into the picture with two tall figures behind him, one male and the other female.

"Lucretia, there are twi people who would like to see you." The girl turned around only to smile before running up to the tall make figure.

"Papa!! Mama!" Whilst the father and daughter were being reunited, the mother took it upon herself to thank Davide for looking after their daughter.

"It was nothing! Feel free to visit us anytime; how long are you staying in Brussels for?" At this question Lucretia frowned.

"Today's our last day here..." Lars scowled at this. The woman could only smile at the boy with her soft green eyes. Lars thought for a moment before grasping the brunettes hand. He looked at her with hope.

"The next time we meet Lucretia.....Will you marry me?" The adults grew silent whilst the could only stare at the blonde. "The next time we meet Lucretia, I want us to stay together forever! So, please...." They boys's cheeks grew pink but the girl only smiled. Stepping forward, she tip-toed up to him and kissed his cheeks.

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