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Chapter 1:- The Introduction
"Sebastian, come and get me now. I do not want to waste any more of my time around these filthy people."

"Yes, my lady."

Cecily DeViore. I'm 13 years of age. My parents died on a family trip ten years ago, on my birthday, when I had only turned four. I barely knew anything then. There was an accident that night and there was fire involved. The hotel that we stayed at burned down while each and every one of us were in there. Why am I still alive? While in those burning flames of hell, I became desperate. I cried but my parents didn't answer. I was only a mere child at the time. Without even knowing so, I summoned a demon. He saved me, and I have escaped death. Although my body was never found, I was thought to have died along with my parents and every other guest at the time and place. Everyone who assumed so were wrong though. To make it simple, I basically disappeared. A year later, I returned home, to my family's manor, with a tall, black butler by my side. That butler, Sebastian Michaelis, wasn't just any butler though. He just happens to be the demon I summoned. When I summoned him, a contract was made. He shall do everything to fulfill my deepest desires, and until that day comes, he will stay my butler. Even if it takes a Millennium he'll be with me, serving me, with his complete loyalty. But that's just one side to the contract. The other consists of my death. After my wishful desires have been fulfilled, Sebastian will have my soul. He do with it as he pleases. And as a demon, he will eat it.

Years have roughly passed since everything has happened, yet sometimes, I still wondered if I can even keep my side of the contract. Letting this demon eat my soul. Whether I want to, or whether I care to not, my soul will be taken in the end. There's no point in even bothering now. Now all I can do is focus on what I want.

"You have a letter from the queen, my lady."

"Hand it over." Even though I'm still so young, I became the head of my family's manor since I am the only living DeViore left. As head of the manor, I also took over my family's businesses. Candy manufacturing factories, and toys too. And behind the scene, we work for the queen. She sends requests of investigation in unsolved cases. Mainly chains of missing people or murders. The DeViore's are known given the nickname "The Queen's Watchdog."

"Sebastian, let's head into town. Ready a carriage." The letter received from her royal highness today read:

Dear Cecily,

There have been a chain of murders going around in London. People have been slaughtered. The key thing about this series of murder, is that every victim has their blood drained of them completely. The draining comes from their necks. This chain has been nicknamed "The Vampires Hunt" by the public. Everyone is assuming that it's a work of a 'vampire.' Please do what you can and end this quickly. Good luck.

Best wishes,
Queen Elizabeth

I studied the cases' profile thoroughly to see what is already known. After a couple of short minutes, I heard a knock at the door.

"The carriage is ready." Sebastian held my coat in his left arm and held his right arm was held out towards the door. I got up and walked over to him to get my coat on. We then took off towards the carriage.

"Let's hurry back so I won't miss my evening snacks."

"Of course." He slightly bowed and smiled his usual sly smile and we soon took off into town to start our investigation.

- - - -

So.. what do you think so far (: ? I have to get in on the details first before too much happens. Boring details first! Then awesome action! Thank you! Oh, and Cecily's last name, DeViore, is pronounced (Day-vee-yore) . Something like. The last name is said as a whole, nothing is too emphasized (: And lastly, I'm writing this fan fiction because I LOVE Kuroshitsuji and I often have dreams of Sebastian being my butler <3 Lol. This story's going to get sappy at times, please don't be too rude about it :/ Tyvm~ Look forward to more! Please Comment, fan, vote, ! But comment please >//< I would really love feedback and your opinions and what you would like to see happen ! :D And sorry if its short ! I typed this around 1 in the morning .. on my phone , Lol (x

**And sorry~ Didn't do any proof reading D:
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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