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See Prologue
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Chapter 1:- Prologue
A pulse round flew past Dax's head as he dove to the next area of cover. The round burned a hole in the shoulder of a trooper behind Dax, leaving him on the ground wailing in pain. The terrorists kept firing their weapons on Dax's allies seemingly never taking a break from pulling their triggers. He took a deep breath and then ran to the wounded soldier. Dax dragged him back to a decrepit wall, for cover, and put cooling gel on the burn.
"Medic!" Dax cried out.
A man in the same matte grey armor as Dax, but with a red cross embedded above the black visor of the helmet, rushed towards his position.
"This trooper has a pulse wound in his shoulder!" Dax yelled under the loud sounds of explosives and gunshots,"Treat it ASAP back at the tent!"
The medic nodded as he lifted the soldier off the ground and took him back to the med tent in a fireman carry. The enemy soldiers kept firing at Dax but soon drew their attention to the medic and the wounded soldier on his shoulders. Dax noticed this and immediately got up and started shooting back. He shot one in the head, another in the chest, and another in the throat, just in time for the medic to get back to the armored medical tent.
Dax took cover again, breathing heavily in his helmet. His adrenaline had completely gone off the charts. His heart was pumping crazily, his lungs were about to explode, and his brain had to make so many decisions that it'd almost short-circuit. Dax reached into his tactical pouch and started to feel around for an explosive he might have.
He felt an oval shaped object in the bottom left part of one of his tact pouches. It had three bumps, so it wasn't regular frag grenade.
"A flesh eater!" Dax realized.
He pulled the deadly grenade out and prepared to throw it on the count of three. Three... Two... One. Dax pushed the grenade's activation button and launched it to the other side of the crossfire. The enemy hadn't even noticed the grenade till it hit one of them in the boot. The enemy soldier looked down to see what had hit him. His eyes widened as he realized just about how fucked he was.
"Ohh Shit!"
A large sphere of white light engulfed all of the surrounding enemy soldiers. All Dax could hear were screams and cries of agony. They stopped and he reloaded his rifle. A He He looked over the small wall he was behind and at what was once an entire squad of enemy soldiers was nothing but a pile of burnt bones and organs that had been spared by the blinding array.
"What do you think?" A mysterious voice asked.
"That concludes his 24 hours in the holo-chamber. Well, he seems very skilled, he's definitely proven that with this test. I believe we shouldn't let his talent go to waste, he needs to be put on a team that will push his potential." An old man remarked.
"What about Captain 19589? Matsumoto Harumi," The other man said with a genuine smile.
"You think it'd be a good match?"
"You say she is one of the most intelligent and combative of our captains, so why not?"
"Very true. And, while we're at it, put Jonathan Hask with Dax in Matsumoto's squad."
"H-Hask, sir? Cadet 11524? Are you sure?" The voice said hesitantly.
"Yes, it is said that they work great as a team."
"While that is very true, sir, it is also true that Hask was known to be quite the delinquent while he was in training."
"We are a military! We require the best of our soldiers to make sure that we succeed on the battlefield. I am positive that this will progress Michaels further in the future. Plus, she's got two spots open in her squad."
The enemies Dax was once fighting reverted back to there skeletal robotic forms. Training droids with built in holographic projecters, able to simulate any known opponent and battle techniques in the galaxy. They were the best military could use to build up their soldiers' mentality for battle. The old man put his finger on the intercom button and spoke into the mic. The speakers in the training room sounded off with his speech.
"Excellent job, Dax Michaels. You have proven yourself to be worthy enough to become part of the Star Military and more. Therefore, you will be given access to state of the art armor. The Same design as the training armor, but just a lot stronger and with enhancing physical abilities such as hand-to-hand combat and hand-eye coordination, so keep in mind you will have to adjust to new functions. It's a lot like an exoskeleton."
"If you don't mind me asking, sir. How strong is my new armor?" Dax questioned.
"Well as you know, the X3 assault rifle, currently held as the Star Military's regulated weapon, has the power to pierce most armors. Your armor, made of Rotanium, will be able to take the average X3. However, keep in mind that you are not invincible. The armor can only disperse so many pulse rounds, and this effect will lessen with the higher powered weapon your enemy has. Just remember to not stand in front of your enemy like an idiot, and you'll be just fine."
"Understood, sir. I will try my best"
"We have high expectations for you, Michaels. Live up to them." He said.
"I will not fail you, sir." Dax saluted to the man behind the window.
The old man smiled behind the tinted pulse proof window. He opened the training room door and let the promising man out. Dax left the training rifle on a table and However, the old man did not know what he had just done by letting Dax Michaels join the Star Military.
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