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Chapter 1:- Sequence I, 1st Fragment
>Seq I, 1st Fragment<

I opened my eyes slowly. A little dust flew in.

It hurt. I blinked several times and opened my eyes more carefully.

"Don't move...I'll get a towel." I heard someone whisper. A soft quiet voice. Soothing.

I looked around. Rocks. Sand floor.

I could feel a hot breath of air on my face. I looked forward; I saw the entrance to the cave I was lying in, a heavy sandstorm blowing fiercely outside. Some small wisps of dust threatened to enter. The air pulsed on my face in time with the wisps.

I relaxed and closed my eyes. Moments later, a cold wet mass hit my forehead. It felt uncomfortable compared to the warm puffs of air from before. I opened my eyes again.

Take it off, it's cold, I struggled to say. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to make a sound at all. A shiver ran down my back as the cold sank further into my forehead.

Something was pressed to my lips. Liquid dribbled out and my dry mouth sucked it in hungrily. As it slid down my throat, my cold feeling only increased. I sighed deeply in my mind. Cold... I muttered numbly in my head.

I opened my eyes again. I saw a face. Large, round, hazel eyes. Brow furrowed in concern. Thin face, pale skin. Long brown hair, several strands curled behind the right ear.

Pretty, I thought.

"You're finally awake!" she whispered. "I've been waiting for ages...you really worried me there."

I could only blink in response.

"You must want more water. Here let me give you some." She held a leather flask to my lips again.

No, it's cold...I thought, but it was no use. I drank the liquid (now identified as water) anyway. It got colder in my body, but by now I was pretty numb anyway, so it didn't matter.

I tried to move. My arms and legs would not respond to lift myself up.

I sighed again, a little longer than last time.

>End Seq I, 1st Fragment<
Chapters:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next Last 
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